• Elaborates strategies, programs and projects for ensuring animals’ health and population food safety;
  • Coordinates scientific research to substantiate the legislative frame for animal health protection and diseases control;
  • Establishes directions and methods for diagnosing and controlling animal diseases of major importance;
  • Contributes to the development of research in the field of biotechnologies for obtaining new biologic products specific to veterinary medicine;
  • Maintains international contacts and relationships for developing scientific research;
  • Organizes national and international scientific events;
  • Supports the improvement of the process regarding young researchers training and attracting in scientific research activity.


Prof.dr. Dumitru MILITARU  
Tel.: 021-318.44.57/285; 021-311.70.76

Prof.dr. Alexandru BABA

Foreign honorary members:
Prof. Emil ONEŢ

Romanian honorary members:
Prof. Vasile COŢOFAN
Prof. Nicolae MANOLESCU, m.c. A.R.
Prof. Ioan PAUL
Prof. Florian SEICIU
Prof. Eronim ŞUTEU

Titulary members:
Prof. Ion Alexandru BABA
Prof. Vasile COZMA
Prof. Mihai DANEŞ 
Prof. Mihai DECUN 
Prof. Dumitru MILITARU 
Prof. Valentin POPOVICI 
Prof. Constantin STIRBU-TEOFANESCU - deceased: 28.10.2015

Correspondent members:
Prof. Horia CERNESCU  
Prof. Corneliu V. COTEA
Prof. Doina DANEŞ 
Prof. Gheorghe DĂRĂBUŞ
Dr. Dumitru DRĂGHICI 
Prof. Ioan Ştefan GROZA
Prof. Manuella MILITARU
Prof. Radu MOGA – MÂNZAT
Dr. Alexandru Dorel STĂNUICĂ

Associate members:
Conf. Viorel ANDRONIE
Prof. Alin Ion BÎRŢOIU
Prof. Cornel CĂTOI
Prof. Romeo Teodor CRISTINA
Prof. Viorel HERMAN
Prof. Liviu MIRON
Prof. Virgilia POPA
Prof. Gabriel PREDOI
Prof. Gheorghe RĂPUNTEAN
Prof. Gheorghe SOLCAN

R&D units under AAFS coordination: 

  • SN " Pasteur Institute” S.A.