Section of Field Crops 

  • Development of the strategies for scientific research activities regarding field crops, programmes, themes focused on the high capitalization of natural and technological resources by sustainable and performing agricultural systems.
  • Promotion of research on natural resources protection in various pedoclimatic conditions: soil (different systems of soil tillage, the study of soil fertility and agricultural productions development within time), water (water preservation in soil) as well as vegetal genetic resources utilization and protection (collecting, conservation, ex-situ and in-situ collections and their utilization in different amelioration programs.
  • Promotion of research in creating high productivity and tolerance to the thermic and hydric stress for field crops genotypes, highly efficient in water and nutrients capitalization useful in various food and non-food utilizations (biofuels).
  • Promotion of research in the field of advanced molecular genetics, plants biotechnology and physiology focused on the improvement of useful characteristics of agricultural species and increase of their resistance at diseases and pests attack.
  • Supports the programs for high biologic categories of seeds production for the main field crops.
  • Elaboration of modern agricultural, integrated technologies aiming to prevent and control crops infestation with weeds, pathogens and pests; technologies for improving soil fertility and physical condition in order to ensure a more efficient utilization of inputs and reduce power and material costs in the present and foreseen context of climatic change.
  • Promotes crops structures for various pedoclimatic conditions able to ensure the best utilization of natural resources, labour and material expenses.
  • Stimulates and supports the research development on thermophilic species expansion in the crop, adapted to the present climatic context.
  • Promotes the identification of the alternative fertilization sources to the field crops and lays down their utilization in order to increase soils fertility and crops efficiency.
  • Development and updating the monitoring techniques of agrometeorological and hydrological parameters in the real time for the scientific foundation of the managerial decision in the agricultural production.
  • Follows the development of rural areas consolidating the primary and renewable energy agricultural production.
  • Stimulates the capitalization of pastures potential in Romania by productive ways of restoring the degraded pastures, to achieve and maintain the agro-climax condition participating in the improvement of fodder conversion into animal production.
  • Promotes the development of international scientific relationships for partnerships between our country and foreign institutions for high interest themes.
  • Organization of the scientific manifestations on national and international interest themes, adopting resolutions and proposals for solving present challenges.
  • Stimulates and supports the technological transfer actions of R & D results to the users.
  • Follows the cultivation extension and development of medicinal and aromatic plants for reinvigorating this sector of activity.

Dr. eng. Marian VERZEA
Phone: 021/315.40.40

Prof. Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN, Ph.D.; Phone: +4021/318.04.66
Dr. Gheorghe ITTU; Phone: +4021/315.40.40

Members of the Section Bureau
Dr. Alecsandru PASCU
Dr. Sorin Claudian CHIRU 

Scientific secretary:
Dr. Ana Popescu
Tel: +4021-318.44.74, +4021-318.44.54-55/102; e-mail:

Foreign honorary members: 
Acad. Atanas ATANASSOV
Prof. Boris BOINCEAN
Alteţa Sa Adulyadej BHUMIBOL
Dr. Lester BROWN
Dr. Maurice FRIED
Prof. André GALLAIS
Prof. Erkki Tuomas KEMPPAININEN
Prof. Karl Fritz LAUER
Prof. Mihail LUPAŞCU
Prof. Robert James MARKS
Prof. Vasile MICU
Prof. N. P. PANOV
Prof. Hubert SPIERTZ
Dr. Jitendra P. SRIVASTAVA
Prof. Simion  TOMA

Romanian honorary members:
Prof. Alexandru SALONTAI
Prof. Nicolae ŞARPE
Prof. Constantin VASILICĂ

Titulary members:
Dr. Alexandru BUDE
Dr. Sorin Claudian CHIRU
Ing. Octavian COSMIN - deceased: 23.05.2015
Prof. Petre DIACONU
Dr. Ilaria DOUCET
Prof. Lucian GHINEA
Dr.  Tănăsie GOREA
Prof. Ioan HAŞ
Acad. Cristian HERA
Dr. Gheorghe ITTU
Dr. Mariana ITTU
Dr. Teodor MARUŞCA
Prof. Leon Sorin MUNTEAN
Prof. Tiberiu MUREŞAN
Prof. Mihai I. NICOLESCU
Dr. Alexandru PASCU
Dr. Constantin POPOV
Acad. Nicolae N. SĂULESCU
Prof.dr.doc. Valerian SEVERIN
Prof. Gheorghe  SIN, m.c. A.R.
Prof. Valeriu TABĂRĂ
Prof.dr.doc. Paul Mihai VARGA
Dr. Marian VERZEA

Correspondent members:
Dr. Aurel Florentin BADIU
Prof. Neculai DRAGOMIR
Dr. Aurel GIURA
Prof. Gerard JITĂREANU
Dr. Luiza MIKE
Dr. Floare MOISA
Prof. Gheorghe MOTCĂ
Dr. Felicia MUREŞANU
Dr. Emilian NEGRILĂ
Dr. Gabriela PĂUNESCU
Prof. Pătru PLOAIE
Prof.dr.h.c. Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN
Dr. Elena TROTUŞ
Dr. Tatiana ŞESAN
Prof. Vasile VÂNTU

Associate members:
Dr. Elena Marcela BADEA
Dr. Carmen Liliana BĂDĂRĂU
Dr. Gheorghe BOTOMAN
Dr. Nicoleta CHIRU
Dr. Gheorghe CIOBANU
Prof. Avram CRĂCIUN
Dr. Matilda CIUCĂ
Dr. Victor DONESCU
Dr. Teofil Gavril FRITEA
Dr. Voichiţa HAŞ
Dr. Daniela MURARIU
Prof. Alexandru Pavel MOISUC
Prof. Doru PAMFIL, m.c. A. R. 
Prof. Ioan ROŞCA
Prof. Ion ROTAR

 R&D units under AAFS coordination: 

  • National Institute of Agricultural Research-Development Fundulea
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Turda
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Lovrin
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Teleorman
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Secuieni
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Valu lui Traian
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Pitesti
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Simnic
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Braila
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Suceava
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Livada
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Oradea
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Podu Iloaiei
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Marculesti
    • Station of Agricultural Research-Development Tulcea
  • National R&D Institute for Potato and Sugar Beat, Brasov
    • R&D Station for Potato Tg. Secuiesc
    • R&D Station for Potato, Miercurea-Ciuc
  • R&D Institute for Pastures Brasov 
  • R&D Station for Pastures Timisoara
  • R&D Station for Pastures Vaslui

R&D Institute for Plant Protection Bucharest