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 Presidium Bureau

 The activity of the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences "Gheorghe Ionescu-Şişeşti" 2013 has a special significance, representing the end of the term of four years, entrusted the management of the Academy in a formula extended by choice of four vice-presidents, designed to ensure effective coordination the national system of research and development in agriculture.

Presidium ASAS, with scientific sections and territorial subsidiary of ASAS, conducts a sustained activity for scientific coordination, organizational-administrative units cd of subordination / coordination, which aims to stimulate scientific approaches advanced development type balanced and integrated concerns profile designed to produce knowledge, valuable results applicable in practice and innovation.

Prof.dr.Gheorghe SIN

Acad.Cristian HERA 
Honorary President

Prof.dr. Mihai NICOLESCU

Prof.dr. Ioan SECELEANU 

Prof.dr. Valeriu TABARA  
Marian Verzea
Prof.Marian VERZEA

Dr. Mihai C. Nicolescu
Secretary General